Nile Pharaohs Cruise

AIN will organise a speacial Gala Dinner for it's precious conference participants  on Monday 25 April 2016



The Pharaohs

The Pharaohs cruising restaurants are two masterpieces on the River Nile – evocations of the beguiling world of Ancient Egypt. Step aboard one of our boats and treat yourself to a two-hour escape in Pharaonic splendor Inspired by the sensual lines of the ancient solar barques, the Nile Pharaoh pays tribute to Hathor, quintessential Egyptian goddess of joy, dance, love and song, and protectors of Horus, the Falcon-headed One

The interior and exterior décors of The Pharaohs are bright tantalizing glimpses from the lost world of Ancient Egypt. Luminous, they seem to glow with the sunshine they have soaked up during the day, immortalizing the Beautiful Reunion of Hathor and Horus.

Hence, the Nile Pharaoh and Golden Pharaoh are popular not only with the local residents, but have also become a landmark in Cairo and a must for every visitor

The Pharaohs Cruising Restaurants has successfully implemented HACCP Management Principles. This system managed on a daily basis and is providing significantly reduce risk from food related illness.